It’s 1 AM, you’re on your second pot of coffee, and you haven’t seen anything beyond your cubicle in the library since this morning… it can only mean one thing: midterms.

The mid-semester examination period comes once, twice, and sometimes three times a semester and for every student it is absolutely DREADFUL. While midterms may be something we dread, it is ultimately something we all have to endure. Have no fear though, you don’t have to go through weeks of cramming, scan-trons, and due dates alone!

Through VSA, you have an amazing opportunity to bond with your fellow members while getting valuable and productive study time. In no particular order here are three ways your VSA can help everyone get through midterm exams.


  1. Library Study Dates


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Nothing says “We in this fam!” than taking over a table at the library. Sprawl out your books, and just enjoy each other’s the company for the long haul. A “VSA Library Takeover” is an event that’s easy to plan. Simply set a date, time, location, and be sure there’s someone to claim a table or two. It can be incredibly encouraging to see someone focused on their work beside you. It may also put you at ease knowing that you are definitely not alone. When organizing an event like this, keep in mind that the library is a quiet space with many other students studying.


  1. Pizza Party


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Pizza has one of those amazing qualities of making the world seem a little less dark. Well, that’s an exaggeration BUT it does remind you that exams are still just exams. A ten page paper will definitely seem less intimidating on a full stomach. An event like this may require a bit more planning than simply claiming a table. Your VSA may want to reserve a classroom to ensure you have a space to get your pizza and eat it too. In addition, you now have a guaranteed study space. Nothing eats up more of your valuable study time than finding a good place to actually study. With an event like this though, it is important to order a decent amount of food but also not to eat too much. Food is a double-edged sword when it comes to productivity.


  1. Study Breaks


Midterms can drain of us of a lot of energy. Always remember to breathe! While we may be cramming as much information as we can, it doesn’t hurt to step away from the books even for a short while. VSAs have an opportunity to give its members that brief moment of relaxation. Whether your VSA provides a care package, plans a family dinner, or invites you away from studying for just a few minutes, it is a worthwhile break to take. Not only are you spending time with your VSA, you’re also recharging that battery! Breaks will help you live to study another day.
These are just a few ways your VSA can help you get through midterms! These are not guaranteed for every member. Everyone has their own study habits whether that’s to be around others or be alone. Regardless, VSAs are free to work around exams as they please. In getting your members out there and involved, hope you consider some of these events as options!

Getting Through Midterms with VSA
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