Going through college I always had to figure everything out myself, from sifting through rate my professor to find which class I can get an easy A in to finding cheap books anyway possible. I always wanted to have a mentor that would show me the ropes, teach me lessons, give me long talks about how my friday night decision were not the best, and motivate me when everything was in the pooper. It wasn’t until I became a Teaching Assistant for one of my Biomedical Engineering class, that if i wasn’t going to have a mentor i might as well be one for my underclassmen. From then on I made a promise that i would help anyone that would come to me for help, with whatever I could or direct them to the best person to help them while still letting them know I will be there for them.

That is the kind of foundation that I put into creating The Multicultural Advisory Program for Young Professionals (MAP)

MAP provides college students a direct contact line to an individual established in the working world for the use of professional development and career direction advice. One of our goals is to create an organic relationship that is defined by the mentor and mentee for a long lasting connection by engaging in MAP events. We hope to promote multicultural understanding and help to build our New England community.

I encourage young college student from VSAs within our ICC  to apply to be a mentee, this is not only a way for you to be paired with a mentor that will help you with those issues that no one in your class can seem to understand but also a possibility be a mentor for your underclassmen that also apply.

This program will forever be changing and evolving to be the best tool that NEIVSA has to offer. If you have ever felt that way i did when i was in college as a lost student in a large university or a young leader that just want to pass your knowledge down. please apply!!

Mentor Application

Mentee Application

Finding your Direction in a World with No Compass

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