In October, the Council of Regional Representatives, Regional Presidents and Cabinet Directors came to Chicago, IL for a weekend of programming geared towards elevating our leaders and the UNAVSA community. Representing the New England region, we are excited to write a recap of the Fall Retreat and share some upcoming projects. We strongly feel that NEIVSA was able to strengthen its relationships with the other regions – cross your fingers, because more regional collaborations are coming in the near future!

Kris Dinh and April Nguyen

How would you describe our region in one word?




Our favorite memories:
“I’m excited to be working with others in UNAVSA who are just as passionate about leadership and community as I am. I want to show that we are leaders in every way – not just in the Vietnamese-American community, but also at the national level. I left feeling more inspired than ever, and can’t wait to see what we do next!” – April Nguyen, New England CORR & Seminar Co-Director

“A favorite part of the weekend was being able to bond with the UNAVSA Executive Board on a more personal level. They are all true leaders in my eyes, and I’m glad to say that I gained a new friendship with every one of them. So if you see an NEIVSA Eboard member, know that it is okay to come up to us and say hi!!” – Tiffany Tran, CPP Selection Co-Director

The CPP Team: Dan Quach, Sarah Vuong, Kim Chung, Tiffany Tran

“My favorite memory is bonding and interacting during retreat and getting to know each other! So glad to experience Chicago with them and wouldn’t want to spend my last year on CORR with anyone else.” – John Tran, Southwest Co-CORR

“I can’t wait to work with these ExCePPtional individuals this year!” – Sarah Vuong, CPP Audit Director

What was your impression of New England after the retreat?
“My impression of New England has always been a positive one. I have heard of the many awesome initiatives coming from New England and have been met with only kindness and inclusion from the New England constituents.” – Alan Nguyen, Eastern Canada CORR

“You guys have a lot of plans and strategies for your region as well as really good events to promote VSA and leadership development. It’s definitely a good focus to have as a region.” – Kris Dinh, Gulf Coast Co-CORR

“Y’all are doing amazing over there. I see your staff for conference and I’m super excited to see what y’all have installed for conference in spring. Hoping I’ll be able to make it!” – Kim Chung, CPP Selection Co-Director

From Dennis Giang, Southeast CORR: “I’m glad being a part of CORR and UNAVSA has given me a reason to learn from y’all and I can’t wait for the next opportunity to visit the New England region!”

Meet the dinoCORRs: Dennis Giang, Jackie Nguyen, Kris Dinh, Paul Tran, Anthony Le, Isabelle Ngo, Dana Tran, John Tran, Jennifer Nguyen, Alan Nguyen, Tiffany Nguyen, April Nguyen                                                                    Bottom Row: Vicky Mai, Jennifer Nghe, Yvette Luong

What was something new that you learned about the New England region?
“One thing I learned about your region is the numerous opportunities that you provide your constituents with to empower them as future leaders, especially the Dreams Scholarship. Hearing about this scholarship was very refreshing because it inspires them to get involved within the Vietnamese community, realize their potential as leaders, and essentially, ‘dream’ by providing them with an opportunity to attend higher education.” – Andy Ng, Co-President of UVSA Ontario

“I learned that y’all are trying to emphasize the culture aspect of VSA which is something NW can also relate to. Let’s work on this together!” – Jackie Nguyen, Northwest CORR

At Lincoln Park: April Nguyen, Jennifer Nguyen, Michelle Nguyen

“I remember listening to your presentation and challenges thinking our region goes through the same things! I really want to visit you guys to see all NEIVSA has to offer – and go through your foodie list.” – Paul Tran, Southern California CORR

Any words you’d like to say to the New England region?
From Michelle Nguyen, Co-President of UVSA Ontario: “We’re both on the northeast coast! Let’s become best friend regions!”

From Jennifer Nguyen, Eastern Canada Co-CORR: “You guys are an awesome bunch! My favorite memory was the pose on the structure at Lincoln Park. Really made me feel comfortable around you!”

The Canadian Cuties: Andrew Ng, Vicky Mai, Jennifer Nguyen, Michelle Nguyen, Alan Nguyen

From Dana Tran, Northwest Co-CORR: “I really can’t wait to meet more people from your region and hope that we will be able to learn from each other to continue growing!”

From Anthony Le, Southwest Co-CORR:”Would I ever want to visit? HECKA YES”

From Tiffany Nguyen, Mid-Atlantic CORR: “New England is the same because I love you all. My favorite memory is karaoke!”

From Yvette Luong, South CORR: “I would love to get some ideas from the region and collaborate someday!”

There were so many other encouraging messages we would love to share from the other attendees, but we would like to close with the following message:

The Fall Retreat renewed our passion and left us feeling more inspired than ever. Knowing that we are in a position to help drive UNAVSA towards a better tomorrow is something that we take pride in. Thank you to UNAVSA for hosting us that weekend, and we can’t wait to grow with the New England region! -April Nguyen & Tiffany Tran

Photo credits to Kevin Vimonkhon

UNAVSA Fall Retreat Highlights

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