Nancy Tran


Nancy Tran is currently a graduate student in the accelerated Masters Program for Occupational Therapy. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, she has been involved with the Vietnamese American community ever since she was a young Vietnamese Scout in the Massachusetts Vietnamese Scouting Association (Hướng Đạo Viet Nam), holding various leadership positions. Being so connected to her Vietnamese community as a child, Nancy wanted to further continue her involvement in college by joining BU's Vietnamese Student Association freshman year, where she then joined the Executive Board her sophomore year as the Secretary, then served as Vice President her junior year. Additionally during her junior year, she worked closely with her respective community as the Co-Chair of the Entertainment Committee for the 2015 and 2016 Tết in Boston Festival, the Internal Vice President of NEIVSA, the Co-Executive Director of NEIVSA's first annual Vietnamese Empowerment Summit, and most recently as NEIVSA President this past year. This year she is coming back as President for a second term. Aside from her involvement with the Vietnamese American community, in her spare time, you might find her glued to a new book, longboarding by the Charles River, or making a mess in the kitchen as she tries a new cake recipe.

Tiffany Lac

Treasurer/Scholarship Chair

Tiffany Lac is a senior at Boston University studying Biology on a Pre-Med track. At the end of her sophomore year she became a member of Thang Long allowing her to partake in a lot of Vietnamese Community events. During her junior year she was voted into the Vietnamese American Community of Massachusetts (Cong Dong) executive board serving as the Co-Chair of Youth and Student Activities and was part of the Decorations Committee for Tet in Boston. This year she attended her first VSA conference, VES-2. Seeing everyone from different colleges within New England come together as one big community inspired her to help bring all the VSAs together and applied to be part of the NEIVSA executive board. As treasurer and scholarship chair, she hopes to bring the Vietnamese Community closer together and help make all IVSA events fun and successful. Outside of IVSA, Tiffany enjoys buying makeup, traveling, cooking and eating good food with friends.

Theresa Do


Theresa Do is a rising junior at Northeastern University and is pursuing a degree in Health Science. Her interest in the Vietnamese culture first began as a child, when her parents enrolled her in the Au Lac Vietnamese school. Going into college, she was initially uninvolved in VSA activities; however, beginning in the fall of her sophomore year, she joined Thang Long and became an active volunteer. Helping at Tet in Boston and other events in the Vietnamese community inspired her to connect further with other Vietnamese American students, and this year she attended her first VSA conference: VES-2. She had an incredible experience and looks forward to UNAVSA-13 and all future VSA events. As Secretary, Theresa hopes to help continue facilitating clear communication within IVSA; she also aspires to bring the community closer together with each new event. Outside of VSA activities, her hobbies include watching Disney movies, drawing, playing the piano, composing musical arrangements, and eating good food.

Val Chaves

Public Relations/Regional Representative

Well known for his uncanny ability to motivate and inspire others, Val Chaves is a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) who is currently pursuing an MBA with a concentration in IT. From a background that consists of being half Portuguese and Vietnamese, Val was never fully exposed to the Asian American community before he started college. With a goal to learn more and become closer with his Asian roots, he quickly found himself involved with VSA during his freshman year as a general member and would end up volunteering in their annual Vietnamese New Year Celebration, Tet at Lowell. As his love and passion for VSA kept growing, he joined the executive board before the start of his sophomore year hoping to be able to improve his favorite campus organization. During his time with UMass Lowell VSA he served as President, Vice President and Event Coordinator. Additionally he has served as the Marketing Director for VES-2 and is the current PR/Regional Representative for NEIVSA. Among his crowd, he’s known mostly for his one-of-a-kind personality, bizarre deep voice, and endless love for his favorite side dish of coleslaw. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family, reading for fun, and consistently dreaming of an even better VSA.

Jerry Sooklall

Alumni Relations

Jerry Sooklall is currently in his first year at the University of Hartford’s Masters Program of Prosthetics and Orthotics. Jerry previously graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering. Born originally in Guyana, Jerry immigrated with his family to the United States at the age of three. When at UConn, a friend of his introduced him to VSA. Jerry was instantly enamored with the energy of the organization members and its mission to educate individuals about Vietnamese culture and awareness of the local Vietnamese community. Jerry became quickly interested in leadership roles within Uconn VSA. In 2014 he was elected Event Coordinator on the UConn VSA Eboard. It was after his first UNAVSA conference that he wants to continue to be involved in the Vietnamese community after his graduation in 2015. This past April 2016, Jerry was the Entertainment Director for VES-2 (Vietnamese Empowerment Summit) held in Massachusetts. Continuing in his leadership roles, Jerry is the Alumni Relations Officer for NEIVSA. Jerry’s goal is to welcome alumni back to the VSA organization. He intends to create a database of alumni to facilitate their continued involvement and provide avenues for networking between VSAs.

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