The Vietnamese-American Community of Massachusetts, established since 1989, is a multidisciplinary organization founded on the belief that with unity comes strength. With the realization that 36 Vietnamese community organizations share similar objectives but house distinct foci and membership base, we have developed ourself to be an umbrella organization, serving as a hub for the facilitation of material and human capital necessary for the achievement of these objectives.

  • As a multidisciplinary organization, the missions of this collaborative effort are three-fold: To promote the interests of the Vietnamese refugee and immigrant communities,
  • To advocate for human rights and democracy for Vietnam, and
  • To preserve and promote the Vietnamese culture and heritage within and beyond the Vietnamese community.

VACM’s services and events include, but are not limited to, the following: Cultural events that showcase Vietnamese performing artists and art forms, assemblies aimed at furthering economic development via participation of businesses that serve or are served by the Vietnamese community, demonstrations and other lobbying activities to advocate for human rights and democracy in Vietnam, and dissemination of information via various medium for issues relevant to the Vietnamese Diaspora.

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The Vietnamese American Community of Massachusetts and the New England Intercollegiate Vietnamese Student Association are hosting Miss Tết in Boston, a Vietnamese cultural pageant, this year on January 31, 2016. Our goal is to highlight the beauty and culture of Vietnamese ladies through poise, elegance, individuality, intellect. The pageant journey will foster self-confidence and provide an opportunity for personal growth, lifelong friendships, and community networking. We would like to preserve Vietnamese heritage and pride of our traditional dress, the ao dai. No previous pageant experience is necessary. For more details, take a look at the application.


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